Dec 16, 2013
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May 27, 2023 11:35 EEST

Fax to Email Gateway

Copy the files in Faxtools.tar.bz2 to /usr/local/lib/mgetty+sendfax.

Edit /usr/local/etc/mgetty+sendfax/mgetty.config:

port cuad1
debug 6
fax-id +49 8141 xxxxxxxx
speed 38400
direct NO
blocking NO
port-owner uucp
port-group uucp
port-mode 0660
toggle-dtr YES
toggle-dtr-waittime 500
data-only NO
fax-only NO
modem-type auto
init-chat "" ATS0=0Q0&D3&C1 OK ATM0 OK
modem-check-time 3600
rings 1
answer-chat "" ATA CONNECT \c \r
answer-chat-timeout 80
autobauding NO
ringback NO
ringback-time 30
ignore-carrier false
issue-file /etc/issue
prompt-waittime 500
login-prompt @!login:
login-time 240
diskspace 4096
fax-owner uucp
fax-group dialer
fax-mode 0660

Then configure the file /usr/local/lib/mgetty+sendfax/new_fax with your emailaddress.

Email to Fax Gateway

Then configure the file /usr/local/etc/mgetty+sendfax/faxheader with the wished header for outgoing faxes.

Edit /usr/local/etc/mgetty+sendfax/faxrunq.config:

success-send-mail n
failure-send-mail n
success-call-program /usr/local/lib/mgetty+sendfax/fax_done
failure-call-program /usr/local/lib/mgetty+sendfax/fax_done
delete-sent-jobs y

Configure for emailaddress in the file /usr/local/lib/mgetty+sendfax/fax_done.

Edit /usr/local/etc/mgetty+sendfaxsendfax.config:

fax-devices cuad1

port cuad1
fax-id +49 8141 xxxxx
modem-type auto
debug 4
modem-handshake AT&H3
max-tries 3
max-tries-continue no
speed 38400
dial-prefix ATD
poll-dir ./
normal-res NO
verbose NO

Add the following into your exim-config /usr/local/etc/exim/configure:

## MAIN ##
domainlist fax = <; fax

## Routers ##
   driver = manualroute
   transport = fax
   route_list = fax

## transports ##
  driver = pipe
  user = idefix
  command ="/usr/local/bin/ ${local_part}"
  home_directory = /usr/local/bin

The script can be found here , rename it to and copy it into /usr/local/bin. Restart exim with:

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/exim restart

To send the faxes every day put the following into your /etc/crontab:

5   20  *   *   *   root    faxrunq

Now send mail to faxnumber@fax.

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