Create PCB with Toner Transfer Technique

Create layout e.g. in eagle, then print it with the layers visible (don’t forget to use ratsnest):

Settings for printer in eagle:

Print the layout to coated paper, I use here pages from the Reichelt shop.

Bring Layout to PCB

Use a PCB without photo lack. Clean it with Aceton then place the printed layout on it and use a laminator to fixate it. Now put it into the oven at 150°C for 5 minutes. Fixate it again with the laminator 3-5 times.

Now use warm water with dish liquid and a tooth brush to remove the paper from the PCB do it with care or you will remove the toner from the PCB.

Etch the PCB

I use Natriumpersulfat. Warm it up to 45°C, place the PCB in it and wait until the coper is gone (take about 5 minutes). Clean the PCB with water. Now use Aceton again to remove the fixated toner.

Drill the Holes

SMD Bestücker


Platine acht-eckig, Grösse ca. 40x36mm

1xMLF32 (Atmel ATmega168P(A))
1xBuchsenleiste 2x5polig (RM2,5)
1xStiftleiste 2x3polig (RM2,5)
ca. 36 Bauteile

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