Dec 16, 2013
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Hardware Modifications


See also: http://www.sunspot.co.uk/Projects/sweexproject.htm

Cross Compile Environment

I’m using gentoo here. First we need to install crossdev:

emerge -av crossdev

If you want to use uclibc change your USE in /etc/make.conf:

USE="-nls -iconv -pregen -userlocales"

Now install the cross compile Environment with:

crossdev -C mipsel-gentoo-linux-uclibc
crossdev --target mipsel-gentoo-linux-uclibc

If an error happens execute the following:

source /etc/profile
crossdev mipsel-gentoo-linux-uclibc

Installed Prerequisites

Get packages for gentoo:

emerge -n \
  psyco \
  ccache \
  patch \
  make \
  sed \
  dev-lang/python \
  m4 \
  bison \
  cvs \
  openjade \
  quilt \
  sgmltools-lite \
  docbook-xml-dtd \
  docbook-dsssl-stylesheets \
  xmlto \
  docbook-sgml-utils \
  libpcre \
  boost \
  subversion \
  texi2html \

Prepare the Buildsystem

Install bitbake

Edit your .profiles:

export BBPATH=~/stuff/build:~/stuff/openembedded
export PATH=~/stuff/bitbake/bin:$PATH

Now prepare build system:

mkdir -p ~/stuff/build/conf
cd stuff

Download bitbake eg. bitbake-1.8.12.tar.gz . Or get it via svn:

svn co svn://svn.berlios.de/bitbake/branches/bitbake-1.8/ bitbake


Get it:

git clone git://git.openembedded.net/openembedded

To update it use:

cd ~/stuff/openembedded
git pull


cd ~/stuff
cp openembedded/conf/local.conf.sample build/conf/local.conf
vi build/conf/local.conf

Install Optware

svn co http://svn.nslu2-linux.org/svnroot/optware/trunk optware
cd optware

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